Moral Bankruptcy in Government Makes News Again

What a choice

Your front page article, “Sheila Dixon Announces She Wants To Be Mayor,” 7-2-15, elicits the following response. Both Mrs. Sheila Dixon and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake have been created by our “Maker” and therefore deserve our respect. However, as career politicians their behavior warrants very little regard, if any at all. The conduct of one can be labeled as dishonest. The activities of the other can be marked as incompetent.
What a choice for the voters of Baltimore City!

The suggestion you offer in your editorial, “Dixon’s Return,” 7-5-15, the entry of more people in the race for mayor such as Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young, state Sen. Catherine Pugh, Del. Jill P. Carter, and Councilmen Nick Mosby, Carl Stokes and Brandon M. Scott, will only serve to add to the field of morally bankrupt career politicians who promote their own self-interests instead of catering to the needs and best interests of the citizens of Baltimore City.

Editorial Board – WAKE UP! Stop giving these phony politicians more opportunities to “con” the voters!

Ralph Jaffe, Teacher


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