A Leaderless State

After reading the articles, “Chaotic Response in Wake of Riots,” 7-28-15 and “Mayor: City Not Ready for Riot,” 7-29-15, along with listening to and watching the coverage of the April riots on the various media, how can anyone refuse to acknowledge the fact that we have a LEADERLESS STATE.

Both the mayor and the governor are at fault. Why weren’t they better prepared and more equipped to deal with the situation? Didn’t they learn any lessons from similar events that occurred in cities prior to the April 2015 riots? What happened to the idea of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? Did they have to wait until tragedy actually struck Baltimore before waking up to the reality of the rioting in our city?
And now the question is are they really awake? Are we any better prepared and more equipped now than we were in April?
Saying that they are learning from it and working to improve does not really offer any assurance that they will be in a more effective position to tackle the protests and riots should they occur again.

Clearly, these so-called current leaders just give more credence to the fact that career politicians are more concerned about themselves, taking actions that will benefit themselves rather than doing what is best for the citizens of Maryland. A classic example took place on the night of April 27 between the Mayor and the Governor. Both politicians were wrong.

Wanting to placate her constituents, the Mayor made an announcement to allow the looters space to do their thing – clearly, a wrong public position to take. The governor, on the other hand, wanted to call out the National Guard, an act opposed by the Mayor. The mayor was too concerned with the political consequences and the effect on her political career if she chose to call out the National Guard. Such an action she thought would more than likely offend her constituents. As for the Governor, he did not want to take the initiative and go over the head of the Mayor to call out the Guard (which legally he could have done) because such action he thought would cost him many Democratic votes he needs for re-election. Hence, both candidates were looking out for their own political safety at the expense of the people whom they are supposed to serve.
The bottom line – a blame game and a con game whereby each is blaming the other for what transpired and each is conning the public into thinking that things will be better. But, in actuality we have no assurance that our leaders have really learned lessons because these are 2 politicians more concerned about their own political gains rather than gaining the trust of the people whom they serve.

Ralph Jaffe
Teacher and Democratic Candidate for US Senate


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