Where’s the Justice?

Justin Fenton and Kevin Rector pointed out in their article, “Prior back injury alleged,“ 12-8-15, that Judge Barry Williams refused to declare a mistrial, after he acknowledged that prosecutors committed a discovery violation in the Freddie Gray case. This fact reinforces the initial complaint I filed with the Attorney Grievance Commission several months ago with regard to the shameful conduct of Marilyn Mosby, the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City.

Now, I have started the process of filing a complaint against Judge Barry Williams with the Commission on Judicial Disabilities regarding his denial of a mistrial and his refusal to change the venue for the trial of the 6 city police officers.

Sad to say, rather than showing the courage to follow the Constitution, Judge Williams chose to cave into mob rule.

Is this judicial justice for the citizens of Baltimore City? I don’t think so.


Real Campaign Ethics

John Fritze has pointed out in his article “Super PAC spends $1 million on Edwards in Md,” 12-1-15. that Congressman Van Hollen has disputed Congresswoman Edwards’ claim of rejecting Wall street money, I assert it doesn’t make a difference because they are both guilty of taking campaign contribution bribes whether they are from Wall Street based political action committees or from individuals connected with the banking industry or any other groups. The point is taking campaign contribution bribes is wrong. It is the source of the corruption that has infused our government, be it on a national, state, or local level. So…..here’s my advice….do as I say and do as I do – go the ETHICAL way, refuse any campaign contributions whatsoever. In the 2010 gubernatorial primary election, on a budget of $480, I received almost 20,000 votes. And that’s my budget for the April 2016 United States Senate Democratic primary as the JAFFE MOVEMENT keeps moving on.

Just think – if Ms. Edwards and Mr. Van Hollen would take their millions of dollars in campaign bribes and give that money to inner city students for scholarships and /or cancer and aids research, wouldn’t our state be better off?

New Department for the Baltimore Sun

Mr. Fritze’s articles, “Large gap in Dem primary,” 11-23-15 and “Baltimore a Senate battleground,” 11-20-15 shed light on an important observation. Apparently the Baltimore Sun has created a new department called the John Fritze School of Journalism. Mr. Fritze’s star pupil is Michael Dresser and highlighting the content of the new Baltimore Sun’s department are several Fritze-isms.

In the Nov. 23rd article Mr. Fritze wrote, “Without Cummings, there is no Baltimore-area Democrat in the race.” The only way to describe that writing is an out-and-out lie.
Here’s some news for Mr. Fritze. I am from Baltimore, I am a Democrat, and I am a filed candidate running for the U.S. Senate.

The Nov. 23rd article served as a bold reinforcement of the Nov. 20th article whereby Mr. Fritze said, “The two Democrats running for the U.S. Senate in Maryland are from the Washington suburbs, but they are suddenly popping up all over Baltimore.” Again he failed to mention my candidacy in the April 2016 U.S. Senate primary election.
He deliberately and repeatedly leaves out significant information on a consistent basis despite the fact that I have had several letters published in the Baltimore Sun pointing out my candidacy. While Mr. Fritze might not support my candidacy, to consciously leave out this information for his readers is not only a distortion of the truth but also reprehensible.

These articles give rise to the following Fritze-isms which are practiced in his school of journalism. Fritze-ism #1 – Distorting the truth and misleading your readership is O.K. Fritze-ism #2- Infuse your writing with your own biased ideas. Fritze-ism #3 – It’s O.K. to be stubborn and write with a closed, inflexible mind set.

Fritze-ism #4 – Not having all the facts is O.K. Mr. Fritze stated that neither of the two Democratic candidates mentioned in his articles have directly addressed the increase in violent crime in the Baltimore City. However, he overlooked the fact or he simply was not aware of the fact that I have spoken out on this issue. Take a look at the Baltimore Sun item, “Baltimore needs action, not empty rhetoric,” 10-20-15.

Fritze-ism #5- It is O.K. to insert absurd speculation as illustrated in both of Mr. Fritze’s articles with his remarks about Elijah Cummings. I assert that Mr. Cummings is not going to run for the U.S. Senate. If I am wrong I will publicly apologize to Mr. Fritze.

While these Fritze-isms might be O.K. in his school of journalism, they are not O.K. if his goal is to really inform the readers and tell the truth regarding the U.S. Democratic primary in April 2016. . So I ask, When is the Baltimore Sun going to scrap the John Fritze school of journalism?


A Step in the Right Direction,But…..

Kevin Rector’s article, “City police officers to hit the street,” 11-19-15 is a piece of good news. The action Commissioner Kevin Davis has taken, the assignment of 250 officers, whose normal duties are desk jobs and specialized support units, to go out to patrol the city’s hardest hit neighborhoods, is a step in the right direction, BUT ……….. another 750 officers are needed on patrol duty in Baltimore City. We can accomplish this without raising taxes.

Use some bold and creative thinking in the matter. Cut out wasteful spending in various government departments and shift the saved money to the police force. For example, cut out the PR units in all city government offices. Don’t fire, but don’t hire any more individuals to perform administrative functions. Make more use of volunteers. For example, city council members should not require any aides. The help they need can come from volunteers. Conduct yearly telethons to raise money for the police force. On a rotating basis, each of the four major city TV stations should be involved in conducting these telethons every year.

We need a mayor who will motivate the citizens of Baltimore to make this program work! The question is will we find someone to fill these shoes?

They’ve Got To Be Kidding – But They’re Not

Upon reading the article “BGE is asking to raise rates,” one could easily question if they are kidding. It is even more to the point of being laughable when Mark Case, the vice president of strategy and regulatory affairs for BGE, has the nerve to say he does not think customers are fatigued by rate increases.

Well, I for one am not only weary of all the rate increases – I am FED UP!

Having testified before the Public Service Commission at least 3 times, I have come to the conclusion, that this group also is a joke. That’s why I have called for its abolishment. At these hearings, one observes the members of the Commission sitting in their seats and acting like a group of “zombies.” While BGE customers are pouring their hearts out as to why rate hikes are hardships for them, little do these customers know that the Commission members have probably already made up their minds regarding the action they will take.
BGE customers can count on one constant – BGE rates go up as the service continues to be lousy.

BGE’s fifth request for a rate hike in six years just demonstrates the greed of the corporation and the conglomerate’s lack of regard for the average customer.

The Real Dr. Loh

Who is Dr. Loh in the article, “Loh says prospects for coach are good,” 10-13-15.

Is this the same Dr. Loh who was a party in the complaint I filed against the Maryland Board of Regents for violating the state open meetings law when it voted in closed session on the University of Maryland’s move to the Big Ten athletic conference.

Is this Dr. Wallace Loh the same president of the University of Maryland who, despite the fact he is supposed to be a former law professor, was informed by the Maryland Open Meetings Compliance Board that it not only found the University System of Maryland Board of Regents had violated the state’s open meetings act, but also rejected their idea that the transgressions were “at worst technical.”

Is this the same Dr. Loh who, along with his athletic director, were responsible for the firing of the previous head coach, Ralph Friedgen the hiring of coach Randy Edsall and now also the firing of Edsall, and at this point wants to hire another coach who will be receiving more millions of dollars than the 2 predecessors?
Is this same Dr. Loh who, along with the athletic director, Kevin Anderson, are seeking a high profile, big name candidate, who more than likely will fall into the category of coaches who do not attach importance to honoring their contracts when better opportunities come their way?

Is this the same Dr. Loh who has authorized millions of dollars to be spent on the construction of a new indoor practice facility?

Is this the same Dr. Loh who panders to Maryland’s Under Armour, the company whose success comes from making basketball and football uniforms and jock straps?

If Dr. Loh is one and the same, then what a statement he is making.

Dr. Loh is helping to continue the transformation of the University of Maryland from an educational institution educating students into a football and basketball factory. The work of dedicated college professors and the desire of students who really want a college education but are unable to afford it drop to the bottom of the barrel.

And then another question should be asked. Is Sports Illustrated senior writer, Peter Thamel, correct in his views as stated in the article, “Terps likely to encounter stiff competition in coach search“ (10-21-15)?
Even if the University does obtain a so-called good football coach, after one or two good seasons, the coach, more than likely, will not hesitate to disregard his contract should an opportunity for a “better” coaching position come along – “better” in terms of (salary and career standing)

All of these questions lead to one more question….
Are the values of the University of Maryland distorted?


Double A Strategy of Admission and Action

The surge in violence in Baltimore City is not just confined to the city. It is a blur on the state as well. Having participated in the so called federal evaluation of the Baltimore City Police Department conducted by the U.S. Justice Department, specifically with Billie Coleman, Program Manager Policy Analyst with the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, I do not hesitate to assert that this evaluation might sound helpful in theory, but in fact it’s a charade.

What’s more, creating areas with catchy sounding names such as war rooms or using enhanced technical equipment are not that effective for the total picture.

What is needed is a double A strategy of ADMISSION and ACTION.

The Mayor and the Baltimore City Police Commissioner ought to “man up” and ADMIT the truth that there is a shortage of police officers which is a major impairment for police officers to properly protect the citizens of Baltimore. At least 500 additional poice officers are needed.

The one who is right on track is Erik Thompson who was quoted in the article, “1 dead, 4 hurt in daytime shooting,” 10-3-15 (his father has owned the nearby Hilltop Hardware store for over 4 decades) when he said what is needed is “good old flat-footed cops….. they need to get back to grass-roots policing.” Erik Thompson has hit the nail right on the head!

The ACTION called for is going back to the basics of police officers walking the walk in communities, getting to know the people, and building stronger relationships with them.


Drill and Practice: Repetitive Learning

Mr. John Fritze and his editors continue to ignore our complaint concerning his biased, irresponsible, and inaccurate reporting. Therefore, we have to implement some repetitive learning – that is to say, continue to point out his sloppy journalism until Mr. Fritze and his editors “get it.”

Is it any wonder why people are fed up – on a national level, on a state level, on a local level. Fed up with government – fed up with career politicians – fed up with the media – fed up with writers who are supposed to report the news but take it upon themselves to omit important facts and inject their own bias into their writing.

Here’s what I’m also asking.
Since when have news reporters viewed their jobs to be that of selecting the senatorial candidates? Since when have news reporters viewed their jobs to be that of deciding who gets heard and who does not get heard? Since when have news reporters viewed their jobs to be that of providing their own opinions rather than providing the actual facts? Perhaps Mr. Fritze should be the one to answer these questions.

In article after article he has written on the upcoming U.S. senatorial race, he has deliberately omitted the fact that 9 people have officially filed for candidacy. Instead, has consistently concentrated on reporting about 2 individuals who have yet to file for candidacy.

In the article, “Ruppersberger won’t run for U.S. Senate,” 9-3015, real evidence of deception appeared. Mr. Fritze stated, “Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger said Tuesday he will run for re-election rather than seek the Democratic nomination for senate in Maryland, all but assuring his party will not have a Baltimore-based candidate in the race for Sen. In my opinion, this is a blatant falsehood. I live in Baltimore and l have officially filed as a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate.

Are these grounds to be FED UP?