A Step in the Right Direction,But…..

Kevin Rector’s article, “City police officers to hit the street,” 11-19-15 is a piece of good news. The action Commissioner Kevin Davis has taken, the assignment of 250 officers, whose normal duties are desk jobs and specialized support units, to go out to patrol the city’s hardest hit neighborhoods, is a step in the right direction, BUT ……….. another 750 officers are needed on patrol duty in Baltimore City. We can accomplish this without raising taxes.

Use some bold and creative thinking in the matter. Cut out wasteful spending in various government departments and shift the saved money to the police force. For example, cut out the PR units in all city government offices. Don’t fire, but don’t hire any more individuals to perform administrative functions. Make more use of volunteers. For example, city council members should not require any aides. The help they need can come from volunteers. Conduct yearly telethons to raise money for the police force. On a rotating basis, each of the four major city TV stations should be involved in conducting these telethons every year.

We need a mayor who will motivate the citizens of Baltimore to make this program work! The question is will we find someone to fill these shoes?


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