They’ve Got To Be Kidding – But They’re Not

Upon reading the article “BGE is asking to raise rates,” one could easily question if they are kidding. It is even more to the point of being laughable when Mark Case, the vice president of strategy and regulatory affairs for BGE, has the nerve to say he does not think customers are fatigued by rate increases.

Well, I for one am not only weary of all the rate increases – I am FED UP!

Having testified before the Public Service Commission at least 3 times, I have come to the conclusion, that this group also is a joke. That’s why I have called for its abolishment. At these hearings, one observes the members of the Commission sitting in their seats and acting like a group of “zombies.” While BGE customers are pouring their hearts out as to why rate hikes are hardships for them, little do these customers know that the Commission members have probably already made up their minds regarding the action they will take.
BGE customers can count on one constant – BGE rates go up as the service continues to be lousy.

BGE’s fifth request for a rate hike in six years just demonstrates the greed of the corporation and the conglomerate’s lack of regard for the average customer.


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