Real Campaign Ethics

John Fritze has pointed out in his article “Super PAC spends $1 million on Edwards in Md,” 12-1-15. that Congressman Van Hollen has disputed Congresswoman Edwards’ claim of rejecting Wall street money, I assert it doesn’t make a difference because they are both guilty of taking campaign contribution bribes whether they are from Wall Street based political action committees or from individuals connected with the banking industry or any other groups. The point is taking campaign contribution bribes is wrong. It is the source of the corruption that has infused our government, be it on a national, state, or local level. So…’s my advice….do as I say and do as I do – go the ETHICAL way, refuse any campaign contributions whatsoever. In the 2010 gubernatorial primary election, on a budget of $480, I received almost 20,000 votes. And that’s my budget for the April 2016 United States Senate Democratic primary as the JAFFE MOVEMENT keeps moving on.

Just think – if Ms. Edwards and Mr. Van Hollen would take their millions of dollars in campaign bribes and give that money to inner city students for scholarships and /or cancer and aids research, wouldn’t our state be better off?


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