One Quote Says It All

The article, ”Outside money for Van Hollen,” 3-27-16, contains a very telling quote from a Van Hollen spokeswoman. “Van Hollen is the only one in this race who has taken a stand against outside super PAC money flooding into Maryland.”

This quote exemplifies the lying from Rep. Van Hollen’s spokeswoman and from the career politician himself, Rep. Van Hollen. Without hesitation, I can assert the quote is a falsehood. I am the only candidate running for the U.S. Senate who has refused to take any campaign contributions including PACS, period. This is a fact that the writer, John Fritze, has refused to convey to the readers.

The quote proves that the two career politicians, Rep. Edwards and Rep. Van Hollen, can’t be trusted, the writer can’t be trusted, and yes, the “big shots at the Baltimore Sun can’t be trusted either.”

Ralph Jaffe
Teacher and Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate


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