Reasons to be fed up

Once again, moral bankruptcy in Baltimore City government and Maryland state government comes to light as demonstrated in the two articles, 3-31-16,
“Embry takes aim at Pugh’s donors,” and Rawlings-Blake’s $2.6B budget cuts down on agency spending.”

The wannabee politician, currently assistant attorney general, Elizabeth Embry, has the audacity to criticize State Senator Catherine Pugh because she’s taking money from state lobbyists who are testifying on bills that are before Senator Pugh’s committee in the State Senate. Mrs. Pugh has defended her position based on a loophole that allows her to do what she’s doing and faults the assistant attorney general for not knowing better. While Ms. Embry has voiced her criticism loud and clear, she’s soft spoken about the funds she has raised, including donors with ties to real estate developer David S. Cordish who have given more than $60,000 to her mayoral campaign. Is Ms. Embry attempting to buy the election with her heavy TV ad investments? Hence, we see 2 hypocrites in action, both trying to exploit the voters of Baltimore City. Isn’t this typical politics by politicos?

Mayor Rawlings Blake has come up with the brilliant idea of eliminating 226 police positions that haven’t been filled, an action she claims will save city taxpayers a lot of money. But, isn’t there an adverse effect to her idea – isn’t she risking the safety of Baltimore City citizens, putting them in more peril by refusing to fill the police vacancies. She points to phony statistics to justify her proposal, but what she does not point out is this. An addition of 200 police officers, not a subtraction is needed. Until that’s been accomplished, the Baltimore City Police Department will not be able to properly protect its citizens.

With these politicians and wannabe politicians running for office, do you think the citizens of Maryland have a right to be fed up?

Ralph Jaffe
Teacher and Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate


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