Shenanigans in Maryland Government

The articles,“Exelon closes Pepco merger,” 3-24-16.,”Nominee to PSC faces grilling by the Senate,” 3-28-16, and “Hogan nominee to PSC defends emails,” 3-29-16 further demonstrate the moral bankruptcy of the Governor, the state legislature, and the Public Service Commission.

According to the article, “Exelon closes Pepco merger,” 3-24-16., the Exelon Pepco merger was initially rejected 7 months ago, by the Public Service Commission of Maryland as well as the District of Columbia regulators. But, during the 7 month period, a game of yo-yo with back and forth exchanges among the companies, commission and politicians took place with an outcome that put the interests of the career politicians and bureaucrats above those of the people whom they are supposed to serve.

According to the PSC nominee articles, apparently, Senator Jamie Raskin, the Democrat who chairs the Senate Executive Nominations Committee believes that a Republican member of the PSC should be independent and above politics. However, it’s O.K. for a Democrat member to be a pawn of the Governor. I find that the current attorney general and former state senator Brian Frosh’s lack of comments for Mr. Dresser’s article shows what a hypocrite Mr. Frosh is.

These latest shenanigans make it clear that the utility customers in the Baltimore and Washington areas are the biggest losers. Once again, I call for the members of Maryland’s Public Service Commission to resign and for the abolishment of the Commission itself.

Ralph Jaffe
Teacher and Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate


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