Voter Turnout

Two articles compel me to make the following comments.
Concerning the article, “Do you know your Dems?” 4-15-16 matching names with faces is not enough. What about the candidates’ positions on issues? So….what if Baltimore City voters were asked the following questions…

Do the voters know the amount of money in campaign contributions/bribes each of the mayoral candidates have collected? Do they know if the candidates are committed to telling the whole truth, not just half truths? Do they know which candidates can claim they are not career politicians or wannabe politicians? Do they know how willing the candidates are to hiring more Baltimore City police officers instead of reducing their numbers?

What would the results of this poll show? Failing grade sheets for
the Baltimore Sun, the pollster, and the Baltimore voters. Since the Baltimore Sun falls short on keeping voters really knowledgeable about all of the mayoral candidates and the pollster does not make a habit of using in-depth questioning, how can you expect Baltimore voters to be properly informed about all of the candidates and their positions on the issues?

Concerning John Fritze’s article, “Other contests could affect race for Senate,” 4-17-16 where he evaluates the turnout of people in the April 26th election, here‘s my position. I hope everyone votes for me. But, more importantly I hope every eligible voter votes in this election. Throughout our history, millions of American military soldiers gave up their lives so that we could maintain the freedom to choose the candidates we want to run our government. Failure of citizens to vote makes a mockery of our great participatory democracy.

Ralph Jaffe
Teacher and Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate


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