End animal trafficking

I commend the writer of “Compassion for test animals,” 3-16-17 regarding her concern about the lives of lab research animals after they are no longer used. However, I take issue with her assertion that animal shelters and rescue groups have excellent track records for making adoption decisions.

I can attest to the fact that not all animal shelter and rescue groups warrant ratings of excellence. I was a victim of a phony animal rescue group that took advantage of my love for my dog when I was compelled to give him up. When the group’s representative readily accepted a check for $250.00 for their services, I was assured a loving home would be found for my dog and pictures would be sent to me. However, those assurances came to naught. To this day I do not know what happened to my dog.

After doing some research, I learned from the interim director of the Baltimore County animal shelter that a number of phony animal rescue groups engage in animal trafficking, and it is a chronic problem in the state. I was told that one effective tool for tackling this issue would be to revise the Annotated Code of the Maryland Komar Law 15.14.04. Any future animal rescue group which has not been registered would need to be registered with the Department of Agriculture.

Therefore, I maintain that while there may be many committed and dedicated animal shelter and rescue groups, unfortunately, there are many animal shelter and rescue groups who are only dedicated and committed to ripping people off.

I hope readers will contact their legislators to get legislation pre-filed in next year’s state legislative session which would call for the much needed revision of the Maryland Annotated Komar Code of Law.

Ralph Jaffe


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