Extinguishing the fire

“Killings logged in city top 100,” 4-25-17, fired me up. How many more people have to get killed or shot up before the mayor and members of the Baltimore City Council resort to the only measure that will really make a significant difference in stopping the horrific shootings taking place every day and night in Baltimore City?

In early November 2016 my students and I made a request of the governor to call out the National Guard for a 3 week period. However, the governor refused to respond to the numerous messages conveyed to his Director of Homeland Security, Pete Landon – messages which supported this request.

The hard truth is that deploying the National Guard for a period of 3 weeks is the only effective weapon for getting a handle on the violence plaguing the city.

Both Gene Ryan, President of the Fraternal Order of Baltimore City Police, and I expressed the fact they are at least 500 to 700 police officers short for properly protecting the citizens of Baltimore City. In light of the ineffective recruitment policies, it will take years to actually get these officers on the street. So do we just sit back and continue to read these gruesome headlines and watch the grisly scenes that typically open the daily news shows?
Hence, when will the Baltimore Sun editorial board demand that the Governor call out the Guard.

Yes – we know the long term solution is a restoration of family values and the implementation of my Tutor/Mentor program which is now before the Baltimore City Public School System for consideration.

But, in the meantime, we are desperate for a real short term solution. If you have a fire, you have to first extinguish the fire before determining who did it and why. So… Baltimore Sun editors – wake up and make the demand for the National Guard.

Ralph Jaffe


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