John Kennedy’s Profiles in Courage

Both Mayor Pugh and Jack Young should take a lesson from the writer of “Crime-fighting starts with police, not city services,” 3-20-17. Mayor Pugh’s weapon for dealing with the crime problem occurring in Baltimore City, that of focusing on social services, evades the reality of the here and now – specifically, the ongoing, horrendous, unending crime crisis. Her plan is very heartening for criminals, giving them license to continue there despicable acts of violence. On the other hand, the plan is really disheartening to the Baltimore City Police Department.

As Joyce Green president of the Central District Police Community Relations Council stated, “The Police Department spends so much money in overtime because they’re overworking the officers we have now.” She asserted that more officers need to be hired.

As Gene Ryan, the head of the Fraternal Order of Police, has pointed out there are not enough police officers to protect the police officers. How in the world can the Baltimore City Police Department function effectively and protect the citizens of Baltimore City when they can’t even protect themselves?

Instead of looking to the budget of the police force for finding funds for the city’s school system, Mayor Pugh and City Council members should start looking within their own offices for funds to allot to the schools. Eliminate the waste in their own offices – decrease the number of paid staff workers each city councilperson has and use volunteers as alternatives; pay for their own travel expenses; etc. etc., etc.

Maybe it’s time for those who hold political office to demonstrate they are really public servants who truly serve the people. They can make some personal sacrifices themselves, even taking a cut in their own salaries.

It is imperative to make the school system better. My tutor mentor program can do this. For citizens of Baltimore City, the wacko, left wing social engineering programs have been a failure for the last 25 years. Not only is Mayor Pugh at fault for wanting to downsize the Baltimore City police department’s budget, but so are the gutless, phony career politicians including the Baltimore City Council members who do not have the courage to stand up to Mayor Pugh and tell the truth.

Ralph Jaffe


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