More animal cruelty

The article “U.S. policy change imperils effort to stop ’puppy mills’” 3-10-17 bespeaks of the larger issue, that of cruelty to animals. Another clear but little publicized example of the maltreatment of animals is related to phony, unlicensed animal rescue groups who take advantage of innocent dog owners, when for legitimate reasons, are forced to give up their dogs for adoption.

I speak from experience, for I was a victim of such a group. Having been promised the group would find a good home for my dog, Goodie, one of the representatives accepted a $250.00 check with the understanding the group would find a loving home for my dog. I was also assured I would receive pictures of the dog in his new home along with his new owner. But, those assurances turned out to be empty words. While the situation occurred about 3 years ago, to this day, I still do not know what happened to my dog.

Upon some investigation I learned from an interim director of the Baltimore County animal shelter that this situation has been a chronic problem throughout the state of Maryland. The name for it is animal trafficking and what needs to be done is change the Annotated Code of the Maryland Komar Law 15.14.04 . A requirement should be made that all future animal rescue groups which have not been registered must be registered with the Department of Agriculture.

Sad to say, my delegate, Shelly Hettleman, refused to listen to numerous callers who requested she introduce such legislation. She disseminated misinformation about the matter, declining to correct the misinformation and to introduce the legislation. Another state senator from Montgomery County,
Susan Lee who had a reputation as a dog lover, also rebuffed the request to introduce the legislation.

So…..I’m asking readers to voice their opinion on the attitude demonstrated by these politicians. I am hoping, with the help of your readers, that one courageous state legislator will stand up and have the courage to get this legislation prefiled in next year’s state legislative session.

Ralph Jaffe


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