Some good news

Finally a smidgen of good news for the citizens of Baltimore City. The move by Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis to deploy 46 officers from the centralized intelligence unit back into uniformed patrol is a good move (“Davis: Cops back in uniform,” 3-9-17). The question, though, is why did it take so long to “get it right”?

What’s more, I believe it can be said, it’s still not nearly enough.
Once again, Commissioner Davis refuses to really be candid with Baltimore City citizens. The Baltimore City Police Department remains at least 500 officers short of the number they need to be.

City Councilman Brandon Scott’s comments concerning the continued use of proactive policing under the direction of district commanders reflects a reluctance on his part to acknowledge the shortage of police officers. He along with the Mayor and his Baltimore City Council colleagues need to deal in straight talk.


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