A Reprehensible Piece of Legislation

The articles “Unpaid bills land stadiums’ debts on the auction block,” 5-16-17 and “Baltimore erred in selling stadiums’ debt,” 5-17-17 bring to light a shameful injustice for suffering homeowners. A state law exists that allows “rip-off speculators” to purchase liens on properties that are up for auction because of unpaid tax bills. Properties with unpaid water bills are also subject to purchase of liens. The fact that the phony career politicians in the state legislature have allowed this law to be operative for decades is outrageous.

We know that the efforts of the “big shots” who attempted to purchase the lien on M & T Bank Stadium and the lien on Oriole Park at Camden Yards were thwarted due to a computer glitch. However, with regard to struggling homeowners – regardless of race, color, creed – who are unable to pay their property taxes or water bills – the “fat cat” speculators can have a field day. And – this is clearly wrong.

The law is another means for the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer – making it possible for the greedy speculators to be successful in exploiting the needy.

Who is at fault here? I venture to say the career politicians in the state legislature who have allowed the law to remain on the books along with the city politicians who allow the City Department of Finance to execute the law unjustly.

What is the answer? Repeal this grossly unfair state legislation.



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