A Case of Very Poor Judgment

The article, “Officers face discipline,” 5-23-17, painted a very troubling picture for the officers who were arrested in the Freddie Gray case. The 6 officers were exonerated from any criminal behavior. One could really argue they shouldn’t have been charged for the crime in the first place. However, the self-serving, persecutorial prosecutor thought otherwise.

After all the suffering the officers and their families had to endure, now 5 are facing internal disciplinary measures which could lead to firing and/or public humiliation for some of them.

In this day and age, isn’t it enough that the police officers are under intense physical and psychological pressure with their lives on the line every time they put on a uniform. Throw into the picture they are grossly underpaid, under appreciated, and disrespected by a vocal group of liberal, malfeasant thinkers. Why should anyone want to become a Baltimore City police officer?

In light of the shortage of police officers and their mission to protect the citizens of Baltimore City, which has become almost impossible, what in the world is Commissioner Davis thinking in inflicting more pain and suffering on the 5 officers? He obviously does not care about the morale of the officers, but cares a lot about pandering to the current mayor, buttering up the self righteous liberals in city government, and saving his own job.

Turning over the investigation to Howard and Montgomery counties to avoid conflict of interest was not necessary What Commissioner Davis should have done, if any of the officers violated police rules, is to conduct a private reprimand in a private setting with the officers. He could have delivered a crystal clear message to the 5 officers without further disaffecting them and alienating the police force at large.

Perhaps it’s time for Commissioner Davis to resign.

Ralph Jaffe
Teacher and Democratic candidate for governor in 2018 primary


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