The Fabulous Three

Michael Dresser’s article has set into motion the trademark of unfair and unbalanced coverage of the 2018 gubernatorial election – a trademark adhered to by Mr. Dresser along with John Fritze, and Erin Cox.. They simply refuse to report the facts thoroughly. While Mr. Dresser conveyed that Ben Jealous is the 2nd one to announce his candidacy, “Ex-NAACP chief Ben Jealous is announcing a run for governor,” Mr. Dresser failed to report that Ralph Jaffe is the only candidate who has not only announced, but actually officially filed for candidacy for governor. Mr. Dresser has denied the readers of the information that Mr. Jaffe is the only candidate leading a movement to get rid of corruption and moral bankruptcy that pervades Maryland politics. (Just look at the blatant example of corruption involving Mayor Pugh and her administration a mayor who was endorsed by the editorial board. She is surrounded by aides who have broken election laws in fundraising endeavors.)

In their determination to exclude facts the fabulous three are not only depriving readers of significant information, but they are also inserting their own subjective opinions into what should be factual reporting. What happened to Journalism 101 and guidelines including the 5 W’s – who, what, why, when, where and also how. Instead we are drenched with an outpouring of their slanted views including criteria for credible candidates. Money along with the ability to buy elections and experience as a career politician take precedence over character and worthy ideas

Turn back to the 2016 Maryland senatorial race where John Fritze asserted that this race would produce national interest and Elijah Cummings was the best known possible Democratic candidate for the US Senate. The truth be told, however, Mr. Cummings did not even run, and the race did not rank high on national coverage.

Maybe the editorial board should assume some responsibility in this scenario. Why are they allowing the fabulous three to continue on their course of defective writing.

The ones who suffer from this sloppy reporting are the readers who are bombarded with misinformation. Is it any wonder why many readers have lost faith and are fed up with the Baltimore Sun?

Ralph Jaffe
Teacher and Democratic candidate for governor in 2018 primary election


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