Little Hope for a Speedy Recovery

How many more people are going to be shot before Mayor Pugh finally asks the governor to call out the National Guard for 3 weeks? How many more robberies and break-ins have to take place before the Mayor has the courage to ask the Governor to call out the National Guard? How many more car jackings and cars stolen will we read about before the Mayor makes a request of the governor to call out the National Guard?

On Thursday, we were informed that Mayor Pugh has a plan on violence, (“Pugh: I have a plan on violence,” 7-13-17). On Sunday we learned that late Friday night, 5 men were shot, 2 fatally during a 3 hour period, (Five men shot, two fatally, in Baltimore late Friday,” 7-16-17).

As for Mayor Pugh’s plan, whatever that might be, it is not going to make any significant difference until she calls for the National Guard to come in. Here’s what the Mayor and her cohorts in the Baltimore City Council and also the Governor do not understand. To catch criminals is not the objective. Rather, the goal should be to prevent the crimes from taking place in the first place, and this requires at least 500 to 700 additional police officers patrolling the streets of Baltimore. Regrettably, this is not the case now.

Furthermore, the Mayor and the CEO of the Baltimore City Public School System do not understand that Baltimore City necessitates an educational system that meets the needs of the students. Unfortunately, the current system does not. However, my Tutor-Mentor Program is a significant tool in the right direction. Moreover, what the Mayor and her cohorts need to realize is that social engineering programs, if truth be told, do not work. What really works is the restoration of Judaic Christian family values. That is the truth.

The Mayor campaigned with a promise to bring back civility to the city. It would seem that she would have had a specific plan in mind, ready to go on day one of her administration. She has now been in office for over 7 months. The headlines speak volumes about her so-called plan.

Thanks to the unyielding, obstinate position of the Mayor and the Baltimore City Council, Baltimore’s reputation as a city in crisis is rapidly deteriorating on the national scene. Currently in light of the Mayor’s mind-set, there is no hope for a speedy recovery.

Ralph Jaffe
Teacher and Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary election


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