A discouraging decision

The article, “Cole Field House renovation expanded,“ 8-9-17, is very discouraging. Why in the world is the University of Maryland spending $196 million on Cole Field House? Dr. Loh disclosed the cost has increased from the original expectation and more than two thirds of the cost has been raised through a combination of state funds and private donations. But all for what? A practice football facility that might attract better football players to the University of Maryland and a chance to engage in research on brain injuries resulting from the game. Haven’t a number of studies already been conducted which claim that playing football can lead to severe brain damage, depression, and /or permanent physical disabilities?

From a different angle, let us be mindful of the grossly overpaid football coach. If he is able to have another year of success on the field, chances are he will likely leave the University of Maryland for a better paying job.

Just think how many inner city students from Baltimore and Washington, D.C. who really want a good education could benefit from scholarships made possible with $196 million? Had Dr. Loh and his Board of Regents spent the money on real academic student scholarships, they would have earned high marks. Right now, however, their stance has reached a new low.

Is it any wonder our state is so messed up?

Ralph Jaffe
Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary election



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