A portrait of contrasts

There is no doubt about it. Moral bankruptcy in Maryland government is widespread throughout the state. If people have closed their eyes to this truth so far, the article, “Dozens in Balto Co. can get enhanced pensions,” 8-5-17, should be an inducement to change their minds.

The practice of “double dipping” whereby several Baltimore County officials are covered by an enhanced pension policy allowing them to earn two pensions plus a lump sum payout if they retire from one job and take another county position brings home the point. It is no surprise that one who benefits the most from this practice is Baltimore County Executive, Kevin Kamenetz who stands to accrue a huge sum of money.

In analyzing the speculation of the astute political reporters of the Baltimore Sun, such as Erin Cox, Michael Dresser, John Fritze, concerning the potential candidates for governor in the 2018 election, I – the only filed candidate from the 2 major political parties in Maryland, believe that Kevin Kamenetz will be my major opponent. I welcome this idea because Mr. Kamenetz and I are as different as day and night in how we operate.

Throughout Mr. Kamenetz’s occupation as a career politician, he has thrived on taking campaign contributions (what I call legal bribes, whereas I do not. Mr. Kamenetz has not always been known to tell the truth all of the time, whereas I do. He has had no problem with sweetheart deals (remember the article, “Baltimore County officials’ sweetheart deal,” December 18, 2011), but I would have a problem with that. If he chooses to run for governor, his ripping off constituents would expand from Baltimore County to the entire state of Maryland. I would not do that – I would serve one term only. What’s more, how much more would he add to his double-dipping amount of money. As for myself, if elected, I would serve free. The salary I earn would be put in a trust program to distribute to the needy of our state.

This portrait of contrasts between Mr. Kamenetz and myself raises the following question. Do you want an ethical governor or a shrewd, manipulative career politician to serve you?

Ralph Jaffe
Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary election


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