A wishy-washy point of view

The editorial, “Can football be safe? 7-31-17 comes across as wishy- washy, actually sounding like a typical career politician. The editors really weren’t courageous enough to say just how dangerous the sport of football is.

To win the game, one team needs to score more points than the other team. To pull off this victory, football coaches – be they high school, college, or professional – teach their players to hit the player with the ball as hard as they can causing a fumble and a turnover. Any coach who denies this strategy is evading the truth. The team with the most turnover recoveries is most likely to win the game.

This football line of attack sheds light on the reason why many football players, upon their retirement, become physically and psychologically impaired. Scoring a victory might bring momentary joy to the fans of the winning team, but at what price to the players. For the players who feel the vicious blows during the course of the game, long term sorrows (such as concussions-brain damage, depression, knee and back injuries, etc.) could be the long term price they pay – all in the name of the game.

What I am saying may not be popular with Ravens’ fans, but football is “legalized brutality” and should be abolished.

Ralph Jaffe
Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary



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