Little comfort for citizens

Readers have little if any comfort after reading in the Baltimore Sun, “ Davis recasts police units,” 7 – 27-17 and “It’s not working,” 7-30-17.

Until the mayor and the governor will take the bold step of calling out the National Guard for a 3 week period to extinguish the urban fire of violence which continues to burn in many parts of Baltimore City, citizens are going to suffer. Until the mayor and the CEO of the Baltimore City Public School System admit that the city school system as it stands now is a disaster, schools will continue to be in dire straits. My tutor mentor program is an answer to getting the schools back on track. Until we have leadership in government which will underscore the need for the resurrection of Judaic Christian family values, we will have reason for extreme distress.

Thus far, the recommendations and suggestions put forth by the mayor, the City Council, the police commissioner and the governor are PR strategies amounting to a waste of taxpayers’ money and time. And meanwhile, there is no let up on what is taking place – horrific acts of crime.

Ralph Jaffe
Teacher and Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary


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