Maryland citizens deserve better

The article, “Two avoid jail in fan attack,” 7-22-17, exemplifies just how terrible the political system in Maryland has become. Here we have 2 New York football fanatics apparently getting into a disagreement with 1 Ravens’ fan and the argument escalates to a criminal assault committed by the New York fanatics on the Ravens’ fan. The Ravens’ fan was diagnosed with serious brain damage from which he continues to suffer.

Now….how does the judge in the Baltimore City Circuit Court adjudicate this matter? The Raiders’ fans entered Alford pleas. The sentence imposed by the Circuit Court judge called for the 2 men to serve 18 months probation and escape spending even one minute in jail.

Is this justice? I don’t think so – Injustice would be a more fitting response. How have we gotten to this type of ruling? The answer is as follows. We have a morally bankrupt judicial branch of government, a morally bankrupt legislative branch, and a morally bankrupt executive branch. And, let’s not forget we have a morally bankrupt and incompetent state’s attorney for Baltimore City. Until we get ethical politicians in the state, the citizens in Maryland will not be served justly.

Ralph Jaffe
Teacher and Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary



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