A Grandstand Act on Hogan’s Part

Here we go again! Our governor, displaying outstanding promotional hype, convened a closed-door meeting whose focus was on ways to control the crime surge in Baltimore City. What can be said of this meeting? Upon reading the Baltimore Sun‘s article, “Hogan insists on jail time,” 8-3-17, I say – Duh!

One of Governor Hogan’s concerns was the absence at this meeting of judges who preside over criminal cases in Baltimore. Expressing frustration and disappointment at their nonattendance, Governor Hogan claimed they have a major role to play and everyone at the meeting agreed the judges should have been present with the criminal justice group.

The Governor complained about repeated offenders not serving long enough sentences. Consequently, he’s going to recommend legislation that features a truth-in-sentencing component. He was not prepared, however, to provide details on what the bill would entail. We just have to wait for the next legislative session in 2018.

So- here are some questions for the Governor.
Governor, don’t you realize the sense of urgency being felt by Baltimore City citizens? We need action now.
Governor, don’t you realize the most important function of the Baltimore City Police Department is to prevent the crime? Catching the culprit after the crime does not bring back the murdered victims.
Governor, why was the meeting closed to the public and the news media? If it is a frank discussion you want, shouldn’t the voices of the people you serve be heard?
What happened to the open door meeting and transparency in government?

In reality, this closed-door meeting was nothing more than a PR stunt on his part to con the citizens of Baltimore City into believing he is working on consequential measures for solving the crime problem. In reality, he is becoming a typical career politician trying to grandstand. In the meantime, the citizens of Baltimore City continue to suffer because of shootings and robberies occurring everyday unabated.

Ralph Jaffe
Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary election


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