Governor Hogan and the Blame Game

“Hogan scorns schools plan,” 9-15-17 is a great eye opener for pointing out what is wrong with the entire public educational system in Maryland.

We learn of Governor Hogan’s disapproval of the Maryland School Board plan, but with all due respect, Governor Hogan is not a certified educator. And for that matter, the members of the Maryland State Board of Education, who are appointed by the governor, are not necessarily real authorities in education. And now, we have a state law passed by this year’s General Assembly that is supposed to address the needs for low performing schools. But, we cannot assume that the state legislators are highly qualified educators either. Nor should we take for granted that Betsy DeVos, the US Education Secretary, possesses the qualifications of an expert educational leader. However, we do know one of her qualifications is coming from a billionaire family that contributed large amounts of campaign contributions/bribes to the Trump campaign. (Could this be a factor for her position in the Trump administration?)

All this amounts to is a blame game whereby the left criticizes the right and the right is attacking the left. The truth, though, is that the left is not right, but neither is the right right. The $250 million dollars of federal funding, which in reality is taxpayer money, at stake, in the long run is not going to significantly change the public educational system.

What is really right? We need to bring back Judaic-Christian family values.
What else is right? We have to make every effort possible to provide for children two loving parents or loving surrogates father/mother. Undoubtedly, this family resurrection will not take place overnight. In the meantime, we could start with implementing a program such as the one I have been advocating for – a tutor-mentor program initially designed for Baltimore City public schools – a program whose objective is to provide Baltimore City students with the opportunity to connect with a tutor-mentor team who will stand by that student from the outset of the connection until the student completes his/her education and is gainfully employed. This program, with statewide ramifications, can work without costing taxpayers a dime. By implementing this program, the wrongs of the Governor, the Maryland State Board of Education, the General Assembly, and city leaders can be made right. And the students will have an opportunity to see the light.

Ralph Jaffe
Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary election



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