We Can See Clearly Now What Should Be Done

The articles in the Baltimore Sun,  “Mosby, Davis warn on crime,” 8-24-17 followed by   , “Davis, Mosby now at odds,” on 8-25-17 serve an important purpose – they explain why the crime problem in Baltimore City continues to be a nightmarish fiasco that has been plaguing the citizens of Baltimore City far too long. On Thursday, Commissioner Davis and Mrs. Mosby are on the same page claiming they are doing the best they can to fight the crime problem, warning there are no quick solutions and urging citizens to be patient. But one day later, on Friday, they are at odds with one another clashing over police videos.

We can discern two things from this.
Number 1 – Commissioner Davis and Mrs. Mosby are not able to keep their act together for 24 hours. The police commissioner is in way over his head. Baltimore City citizens should call Mayor Pugh and demand that she fire Commissioner Davis.

The state’s attorney for Baltimore City is incompetent demonstrating her inability to know the difference between being a prosecutor and persecutor. Her real forte seems to be the knack for getting publicity. Right now, the only thing citizens can do is be patient with her until June 2018 at which time they can vote her out of office.

Ralph Jaffe
Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary election


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