Will People Buy What Krishanti Vignarajah is selling?

Will people buy what Krishanti Vignarajah is selling?
For a good laugh, just read the article, “Vignarajah launches a run for governor,” 9-20-17.

It seems that Krishanti Vignarajah, by invoking the gender card, is underestimating the intelligence of the majority of Democratic women by believing she will receive their support. I think otherwise – the majority of Democratic women are much smarter than Ms. Vignarajah is giving them credit for. In actuality, they are not going to buy what she is selling. While she might be of the opinion that her job as a policy director to former first lady Michele Obama and as a former State Department adviser could be a plus, I can argue that her association with the Obama administration could work as a minus. Remember the Benghazi fiasco?

Ms. Vignarajah has acknowledged that she has registered in two different places at the same time and yet, sees no wrong in that. How does she respond to those who question this? In Erin Cox’s article it is – no comment. Well, my comment is – it is simply wrong. Is she taking exception with regard to the residency issue? If that is the case, she is joining the ranks of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump who consider themselves to be above the law.

It is not a laughing matter when I say that Democratic voters can do better than selecting her to lead the state.

Ralph Jaffe
Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary election


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