Still Not Enough

The article, “Pugh orders daily action on violence,” 11-10-17, has just heightened two contrasting feelings – anger and compassion – anger at the Mayor and Baltimore City Council and compassion for the victims – namely, the citizens of Baltimore City. My anger stems from the fact that the Mayor and Baltimore City Council are still beating around the bush in trying to get a handle on the horrific violence plaguing the city. My compassion for the Baltimore City citizens intensifies because they still have little if any cause for hope for relief from the tidal wave of violence.

The daily meetings the Mayor is now convening with agency heads at the police headquarters to determine where to cut weeds, cover lead paint, board up houses might alter the scenery, but the gatherings will have little impact on deterring the young violent offenders from committing their horrendous brutal acts. Instead of talking the talk – these department heads, their staff, and the mayor should walk the walk, put on their walking shoes and supplement the police officers in the geographical areas that are hardest hit. I doubt this will happen.

The primary reason for the killings – robberies – assaults continuing to make the headlines is due to the fact the career politicians and/or wannabe career politicians in the Baltimore City Council along with the Mayor and the governor refuse to take the step that will really make a significant difference for combating the epidemic of crime – calling out the National Guard for a period of three weeks. Drastic times call for drastic measures. The overwhelming majority of citizens of Baltimore City will not deny these are drastic times. With the record breaking number of crimes taking place, calling out the National Guard for a period of 3 weeks should not be perceived as a drastic measure. You don’t have to bring out the tanks, but the National Guard members should be in uniforms and equipped with guns that are legal to carry. This is the only measure that will bring about a sweeping and far reaching halt to the dire situation. It is a shame that the career politicians do not have the “guts” to take this action.

Police Commissioner Davis is laying a good part of the blame on the broken juvenile justice system. What he should do is compile a list of judges who are continually releasing the offenders and provide the media with their names. If fact -finding by the media reveals that these judges are merely carrying out what the law allows them to do, then the blame should also be placed on the state legislature of Maryland and the governors who approved these left wing, liberal laws which are really senseless. (For the record, I am not liberal or conservative; I believe in being ethical.)

These repeat juvenile offenders absolutely need to be dealt with. However, if Commissioner Davis were to submit the number of these repeat juvenile offenders responsible for the outrageous crimes occurring, I believe the number would probably be less than 100. So…what about all of the other crimes taking place? Therefore, faulting the juvenile offenders as an excuse for his inability to get a handle on the crime problem is not acceptable. He has failed in his responsibility to keep Baltimore City citizens safe.

His meetings with Baltimore City Schools CEO Sonja Santelises might be more productive if they would remove their blinders and realize the positive results that could accrue from implementing my TUTOR-MENTOR TEAM PROGRAM. It is a significant vehicle for turning students on to a road of success instead of pushing them on to a life of crime and violence.

The problem, however, is that the administration on Calvert Street headed up by Dr. Santelises is clueless concerning steps that need to be taken. Their allowing principals to “do their own things” causes more problems than solutions. In the meantime, taxpayers are paying the CEO and her underlings over five million dollars for phony PR. The citizens of Baltimore City deserve better than this.

Ralph Jaffe
Teacher and Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary election



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