A Costly Plan Without Real Benefits

Preposterous and outlandish – that’s how I would characterize Governor Hogan’s Baltimore plan for widening the highway on the northern part of the Baltimore Beltway in order to ease congestion (“Hogan proposes $461M for roads,” 12-20-17).

According to the article, state officials stated that travel time might be cut about 15 minutes to an hour in getting home from work. To the commuters I would respond in the following way. There are thousands of Marylanders who are looking for jobs and would gladly trade places with those who are so upset about the long traffic delays.

And then there is the cost – $461 million dollars! Can you imagine how many police officers could be hired with that amount of money? Doesn’t the governor and his cohorts in the State Highway Administration realize that saving lives might be more important than saving time for commuters. In light of the raging fire of violence in Baltimore which affects the lives of so many people, couldn’t these government officials show more sensitivity for these citizens?

Wake up Baltimore – do your part to get Governor Hogan and the morally bankrupt career politicians out of office before it is too late.

Ralph Jaffe
Teacher and Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary election



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