Small Price to Pay for Big Mistake

Erin Cox’s article, “Election board fines Hogan campaign $250,” 11-25-17 presents information on 2 levels. On the surface level, we learn that Governor Hogan’s campaign committed an offense when they solicited funds during a General Assembly session – an act which is banned by state law. However, on a deeper level, the article amplifies the magnitude of corruption which is so prevalent in Maryland politics today.

The nonchalant, cavalier attitude and disregard for ethics in politics goes beyond disturbing. Instead of the campaign manager Jim Barnett offering the flimsy excuse that Al Redmer, Maryland Insurance Commissioner, had acted against the advice of the campaign when seeking funds for Hogan’s campaign, why didn’t the campaign officials simply own up to their violation of state law? What’s more, Mr. Hogan’s campaign is even thinking about appealing the fine!
And Mr. Redmer, apparently, is bothered very little by the fine, as he is running for the Republican nomination for Baltimore County executive.

Where is the strength of the General Assembly legislation that places a mere $250 fine for violations of the law? The General Assembly and the governor have failed to come up with really gut-wrenching regulations that give politicians cause to think twice before engaging in illegal acts involving campaign finance laws.

This example of moral bankruptcy on the part of Governor Hogan’s campaign provides more exposure to the “dirt” that prevails in Maryland politics today.

Ralph Jaffe
Teacher and Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary election



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