Fake term limits versus “Real Term Limit”

Sorry to say – but the editors of the Baltimore Sun do not understand the difference between “fake term limits” and “real term limits.” (“Term limit limits, “ 1-12-18) Unfortunately, the Baltimore Sun editors have not learned what my students have learned.

Point 1 to learn – When a first time politician, male or female, Democrat or Republican is elected to office, this newly elected politician enters his/her office and looks all around. Wow! He/she sees all the perks – the fancy carpeting, striking furniture, high-tech equipment, and other such luxuries and exclaims, “This is for me.” Thus, instead of having in mind what is in the best interests of his/her constituents, he/she considers what does he/she have to do to keep this, fame, power, and money that the office will provide for him/her.

Point 2 to learn – In the Sun’s version of term limits, deemed “fake term limits,” after a politician has served for two terms, such as a Baltimore City councilman, the individual can easily start a new cycle of term limits by aspiring to become a delegate. When that two term of office has concluded, he/she then moves on to state senator. From there, the politician looks to the office of governor, and then United States Senator. He/she could even aim for president. So…. what happened to term limits? He/she follows in the footsteps of someone like Senator Ben Cardin or Senator Barbara Mikulski – a 40 year career politician. That is the so-called “fake term limits” – always running for re-election and always taking campaign contributions (legal bribes) to ensure re-election and retain power, fame, and money.

On the other hand, this is “real term limits.” the individual chooses whatever office he/she desires – serves one term and makes a commitment that he/she will not run again for any political office. What does this accomplish? #1 – The person does not have to worry about taking bribes to get re-elected. #2 – The person has the opportunity to be a committed, dedicated, real, ethical politician whose only goal is to make life better for the citizens he/she represents.

Unfortunately, the editors of the Baltimore Sun do not understand that we do not have any ethical politicians in our state or country. That’s why “what’s in it for me,” occupies the top of the list of values for most politicians and explains why our country is so messed up. The best proof of this is Donald Trump is our current president. Need I say more?

Ralph Jaffe
Teacher and Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary election



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