The Decadence of College Sports

Time has passed, but the problem persists. The article that appeared in the Baltimore Sun, “College sports have become hopelessly decadent,” is just as relevant today as it was in April 2013 when it was printed.
In actuality it is even more applicable. The heartbreaking death of the University of Maryland college athlete, offensive lineman, Jordan McNair, and the catastrophic set of events resulting in the firing of the football coach, DJ Durkin, the retirement of President Dr . Wallace Loh and Board of Regents Chairman James Brady shine a light on the problems and corruption inherent in college sports.

The outrageous salaries given to college coaches, who for the most part, put their own interests for advancing their careers, above the interests of their players; the excessive amounts of money spent on lavish football stadia or basketball arenas; the occurrence of severe head injuries and other physical or emotional injuries make a strong case for changing the nature of sports on the college level. Right now, college sports is organized, big bucks, “legalized brutality.”

In my opinion, the hazards do not outweigh arguments for continuing this type of play for those at the college level. As stated previously, college sports should become competitive, intramural programs with participation by students for the purpose of exercise, weight control, and some good solid fun.

While this might not be a popular step, it is the right thing to do.

Ralph Jaffe

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