Good Luck Commissioner Harrison

Good Luck Commissioner Harrison
For several days, the Baltimore City Police Department, has been the subject of front page news ranging from the dire shortage of police officers, especially in the patrol unit to acting Commissioner Michael Harrison taking over the helm. And then we read about the survey Councilman Yitzy Schleifer distributed to the Baltimore City Police officers – a survey which in effect, just inflamed and added more fuel to the fire of distress over the troubles facing the Baltimore City Police Department.

It really did not take a scientific or nonscientific poll to disclose the harsh reality of the recruitment, retention, and morale problems of the Baltimore City police officers.

The shortage of police officers is certainly not a new crisis. For far too long the shortage has existed. The trouble is that there was a refusal on the part of the politicos and mayors in office to acknowledge it. And now that they do, we are still not being told just how severe it is. We hear the number, 500, but in reality, for the citizens of Baltimore City to be properly protected, the number is more likely to be 2000 short.

Is it any wonder why we are confronted with such a depletion of patrol officers. When an individual puts on a police uniform and becomes an open target for being shot or spit on or filmed in a video with accusations of committing a crime in the act of protecting the public, perhaps $52,000 is not enough of an incentive for that individual to risk his/her life.

Little if anything was accomplished with Baltimore citizens hearing the results of Councilman Schleifer’s survey that was really a repetition of the woes that have befallen the Baltimore City Police Department. The citizens would be better served by hearing of a constructive plan of action, based on truth, rather than empty platitudes put forth by phony politicians.

Without question, Commissioner Harrison has his hands full in attacking the problems head on. Good luck to him. He will need all he can get. He will not be able to count on any real help from the politicians.



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