Baltimore Citizens Deserve Better Assurance

April 4, 2019

Baltimore citizens deserve better assurance
As the troubles for Mayor Catherine Pugh keep going up, the chances of her returning to office keep going down. Acting Mayor Jack Young is assuring us he is determined to be a “stabilizing force,” performing the day to day duties for the citizens of Baltimore. However, the citizens of Baltimore deserve more than this verbal declaration.

In light of the fact that Baltimore has now had to endure 2 mayors confronted with scandal, I am calling on Acting Mayor Jack Young to hold a press conference and answer the following questions posed by some crack investigative reporters.
#1 – Are you prepared to release to the public your taxes covering the last 10 years?
#2 – Have you ever taken a campaign contribution from a contributor in exchange for your commitment to carry out the contributor’s request?
#3 – Are you prepared to ask the governor to call out the National Guard for a period of 4 to 6 weeks in order to curb the horrendous, daily killings taking place in Baltimore City?
#5 – In your capacity as a career politician, have you done anything that would cause the people to lose trust in you as an honest, public servant?
#5 – Are you willing to make a commitment to the people of Baltimore City that you will not run for the office of mayor in 2020?

I believe any contenders seeking the office of mayor in 2020 should be willing to call a similar press conference and answer the above questions with the exception of #5.

The answers to these 5 questions would really serve to enlighten Baltimore citizens as to whether the potential candidates are fit to be the next mayor of Baltimore City.

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