Still Cause for Concern

Still Cause for Concern
The “Pick for top cop to meet public” (1-15-19) does little to allay concerns about the qualifications of Mayor Pugh’s 2nd choice for the new Police Commissioner of the Baltimore City Police Department.

Remember, she was certain that her 1st choice, Fort Worth, Texas, Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald whom was selected through a closed door secret process, would be the savior for the citizens of Baltimore City. However, skepticism over her choice quickly mounted, especially with members of the Baltimore City Council, as leaks came out concerning his credentials for meeting the challenges of the job.

Now that Police Chief Fitzgerald removed himself from consideration for the position, Mayor Pugh is “gun-ho” about her 2nd choice – Michael Harrison, a police officer who rose up through the ranks to become the New Orleans Police Superintendent. Initially, he expressed little if any interest in the job and was planning to retire. Why did he choose not to stay on for another term as Police Superintendent of New Orleans? Could it be a case of “burn out“ on his part?” Apparently, Police Superintendent Harrison had a change of heart when he was offered the Baltimore City position. Although his religious inclination is notable, his mixed bag record for curbing crime is questionable. (A “Cop’s Cop, 1-13-19).

While it is worth mentioning he is ready to take over the reins before being confirmed and he is ready to meet the public, here is the point. No matter how good or effective a communicator he is and no matter how well intentioned he is for being a change agent in Baltimore City, there is no way he will be able to stop the killings and robberies occurring everyday in Baltimore City. Unfortunately, the existing shortage of at least 1000 police officers in the Baltimore City Police Department during the 3 shifts a day period makes it impossible to properly protect Baltimore City citizens. Sadly, it will take years to fill these vacancies.

As I have said before, the career politicians in Baltimore do not have the courage to tackle the crisis head on with a 3 pronged approach –
Call out the National Guard for a one month period.
Develop a curriculum and add more classes which stress the return of family values in the Baltimore City public school system
Elect leaders who put the practice of ETHICS above politics.



More Than More Police

More than more police

Dan Rodricks’ assessment of the needs of the Baltimore City Police Department has some serious gaps.

Gap #1
Granted, Dan Rodricks’ data on officer density in Baltimore City provides reason for the need to recruit and train more officers. However, he omits an even more compelling set of numbers to demonstrate why it is so imperative to substantially increase the size of the Baltimore City Police Department. I am referring to the number of officers actually patrolling the streets of Baltimore City on a regular, consistent, 3 shifts- a- day basis. I believe this number is approximately 700 officers per shift, which is totally unacceptable – a number making it impossible for the 620, 000 citizens of Baltimore to be properly protected.

Gap #2
In reality, it will be a matter of years, not months, before the shortfall of officers can be remedied. Of course better pay and other incentives are vital, but that is easier said than done, regardless of how inspiring the new police commissioner will be.

Gap #3
Concerning the new police commissioner, truth be told, we do not need a national research process to find an individual who can inspire the police department and in whom the Baltimore City citizens can place their trust and confidence. What is required is to find a “good cop” with at least 15 years of experience in the Baltimore City Police Department, who resides in Baltimore and who does not have selfish aspirations for becoming the next Police Commissioner of New York City.

Gap #4
I believe the shortage of police officers in the Baltimore City Police Department has been a persistent problem even before the April 2015 turbulence. For a long time, many in power refused to acknowledge that trouble back then and they continue to turn the other cheek on what needs to be done now with regard to the crisis in violence. In large part, the “gutless’ career politicians have not had the “guts” to tell the truth. To stop all of the senseless murders, robberies, and shootings plaguing Baltimore City citizens everyday, the only real, immediate solution is to call in the National Guard for a period of one month. The refusal to do so just intensifies the fires of violence raging in our city today.
Will the governor have the courage to take this action? Probably not – but miracles do happen.

If we really want to see a change for the better, the long term solution is a return to Judaic Christian values and the birth of ethical politicians.


A Question of Honesty

A question of honesty

One piece of Michael Dresser’s portrait of Maryland in his reflections of his coverage of the state house for almost 22 years is cause for comment. I preface by remarks with good wishes to Mr. Dresser in his retirement.

Having said that – I take issue with his assessment that “most of Maryland’s politicians are honest, decent people trying to serve their communities as best as they know how – Republicans and Democrats. But they are politicians.”

Firstly – what does Mr. Dresser mean by the word most? For discussion purposes, let’s say 300 is an approximate number of people in the state legislature he has covered over the last 22 years. If 151 were honest and 149 did not meet the criteria, is the term, most, really relevant?

Secondly – what does Mr. Dresser mean by the word honest? Suppose a governor responded to Mr. Dresser’s question, ‘why are you seeking the office?’ with the response, “Honestly, I have chosen a career as a politician because I love power, fame, and money.” While this might be an honest and truthful answer, is this the type of politician we want serving our state?

Thirdly – what does he mean by the phrase, best as they know how? Does this give career politicians the right of way to collect campaign contributions ( which I believe are disguised bribes) and become subject to the influence of money? Does it allow the politician to make glittering promises during the campaign only to become empty words once assuming office? To me, stretching the truth or misleading citizens does not qualify as best as they know how nor is it honest.

Fourthly – Mr. Dresser used Mike Royko’s comment of Chicago aldermen, in reference to politicians – both Republicans and Democrats – that they need to be watched like puppies on a new rug. Is that the quality of a politician we should respect and admire?

I believe the reporter’s job is not only to watch, but also to report on the deception, half truths, cunning, and manipulative skills of shrewd career politicians who exploit their constituents. I hope the case will be that Mr. Dresser’s replacement will be more aggressive and determined to enlighten the readers about what really goes on in the dirty business of politics today in Maryland.


The Jaffe Defamation Lawsuit – The Settlement

 Ralph Jaffe’s Defamation Lawsuit Against the Baltimore Sun, CBS-Channel 13, and the Maryland Democratic Party

On July 31, 2018, I kept my word and filed a defamation lawsuit against the Baltimore Sun, CBS-Channel 13, and the Maryland Democratic Party.

In good faith, I made a proposal for an out of court settlement. Thanks to the highly skilled lawyers for the defendants, they agreed to accept my proposal. This came to fruition on December 6, 2018, in the District Court of Maryland for Baltimore City when I officially, voluntarily agreed to drop the lawsuit.

I am pleased with the outcome. I believe that this settlement will have a significant impact on the Jaffe Movement as it continues to try to get rid of corruption in Maryland government.

The Jaffe Defamation Lawsuit – Follow-Up

In The District Court Of Maryland
For Baltimore City

Ralph Jaffe

Baltimore Sun
Maryland Democratic Party

Civil Case No. 01010 -018769 -2018


I am the plaintiff in this action, and I respectfully submit opposition to the Defendant The Baltimore Sun and the CBS Broadcasting INC.‘s Motion to Continue and Postpone the Trial Date dated November 20, 2018; Defendant The Baltimore Sun’s Motion For Summary Judgment; Defendant CBS Broadcasting Inc.’s Motion for Summary Judgment.

I request their motions be denied for several reasons.

Timing of the motions set forth by defendants
The timing of the defendants’ motions submitted is unfair because I received copies of their motions by FedEx on Thursday, November 22, 2018 – Thanksgiving Day. Additional copies arrived on Friday, November 23, 2018, and courts were closed on November 23, 2018. Nevertheless, I am ready to proceed with the trial date as scheduled for December 6, 2018.

The defendants refer to the inconvenience caused for some witnesses to appear for trial. I am sorry the defendants feel it’s an inconvenience to have to appear in court. However, I need their testimony to try to determine their intent for refusing to take my campaign seriously and why they tried to belittle the principles for which I stand.

Of even more importance for opposition to the motions of the defendants are the following points of information.

They request the case be dismissed or summary judgments be granted because I, as a candidate in the Democratic Primary, was unhappy with the results and my performance. and therefore filed the lawsuit.
Quite to the contrary, I was more than content with the results because my campaign was conducted with a strong commitment to my principles.

My budget amounted to $495, by design. This money came from my sister and myself. I believe that campaign contributions are disguised bribes. Not only did I talk the talk, but I walked the walk and kept my word. I refused to take any campaign contributions. While this has been a major thrust of my campaign, it has been repudiated by Channel 13 and the Baltimore Sun – with the claim of insufficient funds to run a statewide campaign,
Furthermore, I have said that if elected, among other principles, I will serve one term and will not run again for any office. because I believe career politicians are slowly but surely ruining our country.

I can assert that I have won each campaign I have conducted because for me
winning is defined in the following way. If one has a goal in life and succeeds by lying and/or cheating and/or taking disguised bribes then one might have reached the goal but is immoral. Yes, it is my opinion that morality counts and one should be morally bound. Unfortunately, currently we do not have ethical politicians in our state or in our country. Therefore, I would not trade any of the votes I received for all of the votes received by the other candidates who ran for governor because I conducted myself with a sense of ethics.

I maintain the defendants deliberately misrepresented what I stand for and that is defamation.
The job of a newspaper or TV reporter is to present the information to the readers and viewers. And, the information should be accurate. When Channel 13 and the Baltimore Sun deliberately omit pertinent information, they are not reporting but rather opining with subjectivity and bias. Therefore, the readers and viewers are the ones who suffer.

The legal cases cited by the defendants do not support their right to deny citizens the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And that is what Channel 13 and the Baltimore Sun have done when they refuse to inform the readers and viewers of the principles that I stand for. I never asked for any endorsement. I did not ask for coverage that is favorable to me, as the defendants stated. All I asked for was that all of the information be given to the readers and viewers and that the information be accurate.

There is a clear difference between a reporter and columnist or analyst. If the analyst or editor wants to critique my movement, that is fair. What is not fair is for a reporter to report inaccurately and then refuse to correct the misinformation delivered to the readers and viewers. In the case of the Ben Jealous statement that he was the first Democratic candidate for governor to announce a running mate – that was a blatant piece of misinformation.

This is the way the Baltimore Sun and Channel 13 have treated the Jaffe Movement for the last 16 years. The ones who suffer are the readers of the Baltimore Sun and the viewers of Channel 13.

When Channel 13 and the Baltimore Sun continue to present slanted, biased, incomplete, misinformation under the guise of “reporting the news” – I refer to that as journalistic malfeasance. And that’s why we continue to have so much corruption in government office.

I want to point out I am a teacher, not a politician. My teaching career as a political science teacher, started in 1964 at Ridgely Junior High School in Baltimore County. In 1969 I pioneered a new teaching philosophy called Activism in the Classroom. The philosophy entailed an idea to be born in the classroom with ardent effort to develop it into a bill in the real world of the US Congress. After an 11 month grass roots campaign, our idea was actually signed into legislation by the former President of the US, Richard Nixon (Documentation – Item A). This story was documented in the 1970 edition of The Reader’s Digest ( Documentation – Item B). The philosophy has become the keystone of my work ever since.

In the 7 campaigns I have conducted, this methodology has been used to show my students where the corruption is. Then they can decide on a volunteer basis if they want to vote for what I stand for.

I have earned a good reputation as a teacher ( Documentation – Items C, D, E, F). Therefore, I resent the Baltimore Sun and Channel 13 trying to damage my reputation by not providing the readers and viewers with the real picture of the Jaffe Movement.

As for exclusion from the debate, mention is made of criteria used to determine who would appear in the debate sponsored by the Baltimore Sun and WJZ.
The defendants claim that viewpoint-neutral criteria were used. But, who is to say that a large amount of “campaign bribes” is necessary to be a serious candidate? Already a note of subjectivity enters the picture, so how can it be viewpoint-neutral? To me, a serious candidate is someone who has good character and good ideas.

Please note the additional document, “The Sun’s selective outrage over debates.” As the letter points out, “the power to deny coverage is the power to veto candidates.” (Documentation – Item F)
I am fighting not just for myself, but for any candidate who has proven to be honest and ethical, running for office, to be the subject of fair and honest reporting by the Baltimore Sun and WJZ.
Respectfully submitted
Ralph Jaffe

BGE rips off customers

I would like to suggest an issue which I believe warrants investigative expertise.

The issue involves the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company ripping off their customers, particularly in 2 compelling areas.

Rip off # 1 – Power restoration following power outages
I have been working on this issue since 1992. Disgraceful – That is BGE’s record of power restoration time for customers getting their power back on following power outages, especially for individuals living in less populated areas.
The cause of this appalling record is due to the fact that BGE is at least 2000 crew members short of the number of people needed to bring power back on. BGE-Exelon is more concerned about pleasing their stockholders, board members, and fat cat executives through dividends and outlandish salaries rather than providing better service to their customers.
Instead of going on the offensive having the required crew members on standby at all times (like fire stations have firefigthers on standby regardless of whether a fire has actually broken out) BGE goes on the defensive using the strategy of waiting until the storm actually occurs before calling out the needed troops. Power outages are not just an inconvenience to BGE customers. They become life threatening situations for babies and the elderly.

Rip off # 2 – The replacement of gas pipes underneath the ground
A law passed by the General Assembly and signed by the governors of the last 20 years set into motion the gas pipes replacement. BGE plays a large part in carrying out the law. They hire subcontractor companies whose job is to dig underground, repair and/or replace the pipes, and then clean up the mess by paving the streets, in many instances partially rather than the entire street.

The process takes too long and puts drivers and citizens in a precarious situation.

I was personally involved in an accident that took place on July 19, 2018. No one was in the area to say I could not make a turn on to Smith Avenue nor were there any cones or other signs warning me not to proceed. My car wound up in a sinkhole causing the air bags to go off, an explosion, a bloody nose. I sat in my car, in a state of shock, for at least one minute before somebody came to see if I was OK. The subtractor company, Grade Line Construction, was responsible for this gross negligence.

At the suggestion of the Baltimore County Police Officer, Officer Bailey, who eventually came on the scene, and escorted me home, I contacted the Grade Line Construction Company and asked to speak to Allen Howard, the Safety Director. I was told by the operator he was in and given his direct number which I called, but he did not take the call. I contacted the operator again and left a message with her asking that Allen Howard please call me. He did not.
Following additional attempts to talk with him, I finally reached him. Unfortunately, he chose to display a very unpleasant manner with me.

To top it off, I learned that the crew chief lied to Officer Bailey and covered up their negligence by saying I did not follow directions. BUT NO DIRECTIONS WERE GIVEN TO ME NOR WERE ANY SIGNS, CONES, ETC. ON DISPLAY TO PREVENT ME FROM PROCEEDING.

A byproduct of this outrageous incident of which I was a victim involved the police report that was filed. In reporting this accident, Officer Bailey was required to use an accident form that comes from the Maryland State Police. However, the form is problematic. The form calls for a witness account. However, in my situation, there was no witness. Officer Bailey went over to the crew to find out what happened. The crew chief spoke up even though he did not witness the actual accident. Hence, the crew chief was able to provide an account that was untruthful. Since Officer Bailey was required to fill in the witness space, he used the crew chief’s account – an account that covered up his negligence.

It has been brought to my attention that other citizens have encountered areas where lanes were closed due to construction work going on, but drivers were clueless in how to proceed because no signs or people were around to direct the traffic. In my opinion, this is a dangerous predicament.

If these unfavorable actions of Grade Line Construction Company exemplify the type of subcontractors which BGE uses, then I must question the criteria used by BGE in hiring these companies.

I am fed up with BGE ripping off its customers on account of the morally bankrupt political system in Maryland.


Follow Up

Another recent happening reinforces my concerns about the practices of BGE and its subcontractors.

*On October 2nd, the public was informed that “BGE contractor damages sewer line, sending sewage flowing into Patapsco River in Westport.” As the article stated, it was “a classic case of utility work gone horribly wrong.”

**On October 3rd, however, the public learns that “BGE says it was actually the city’s contractor that broke a ‘large sewer line’ in Westport, sending sewage spewing.

The Department of Public Works, disputes BGE’s claim.

Once again, BGE with its contractor is a party to a very muddy dispute and denying any responsibility for the fiasco.

And again, I must question the criteria used by BGE in hiring its subcontractors.


The Decadence of College Sports

Time has passed, but the problem persists. The article that appeared in the Baltimore Sun, “College sports have become hopelessly decadent,” is just as relevant today as it was in April 2013 when it was printed.
In actuality it is even more applicable. The heartbreaking death of the University of Maryland college athlete, offensive lineman, Jordan McNair, and the catastrophic set of events resulting in the firing of the football coach, DJ Durkin, the retirement of President Dr . Wallace Loh and Board of Regents Chairman James Brady shine a light on the problems and corruption inherent in college sports.

The outrageous salaries given to college coaches, who for the most part, put their own interests for advancing their careers, above the interests of their players; the excessive amounts of money spent on lavish football stadia or basketball arenas; the occurrence of severe head injuries and other physical or emotional injuries make a strong case for changing the nature of sports on the college level. Right now, college sports is organized, big bucks, “legalized brutality.”

In my opinion, the hazards do not outweigh arguments for continuing this type of play for those at the college level. As stated previously, college sports should become competitive, intramural programs with participation by students for the purpose of exercise, weight control, and some good solid fun.

While this might not be a popular step, it is the right thing to do.

Ralph Jaffe

The Jaffe Defamation Lawsuit – Update

Press Release

Ralph Jaffe

Contact: 410-602-1811

September 13, 2018

Re: The Jaffe Defamation Lawsuit – Update

—A new court date for the Jaffe Defamation Lawsuit has been set.
December 6, 2018

Reason for the change of date.
Three defendants are involved in this case.
Two of the three defendants, the Baltimore Sun and WJZ filed Notices of Intention to Defend.
A miscommunication took place in serving the 3rd defendant, the Maryland Democratic Party. Therefore, a summons renewal was issued to them.

—Additional details
I plan to subpoena at least one writer or editor of the Baltimore Sun to testify as a witness at the hearing.

The case number is 0101-0018769 – 2018 in the Circuit Court of Maryland for Baltimore City.

Type of Proceeding: MERIT TRIAL
Date: December 6, 2018
Session Time: 8:30 AM
Court Location: 501 E. Fayette Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202-4092

The Jaffe Defamation Lawsuit

Press Release

Contact: 410-602-1811

August 29, 2018

Ralph Jaffe, teacher who is leading the movement to get rid of corruption in Maryland politics and bring about true, ethical reform, has filed a defamation lawsuit against the Baltimore Sun, WJZ, and the Maryland Democratic Party.

The case number is 0101-0018769 – 2018 in the Circuit Court of Maryland for Baltimore City.

The Baltimore Sun and WJZ, have filed Notices of Intention to Defend.

The Court has scheduled a proceeding in the case.
Type of Proceeding: MERIT TRIAL
Date: November 14, 2018
Session Time: 8:30 AM
Court Location: 501 E. Fayette Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202-4092

The summons to the Maryland Democratic Party was returned unserved. A summons renewal will be going out.

When it is all said and done concerning the Jaffe Defamation Lawsuit, I believe the real winners will be the citizens of the state of Maryland.

Below is a copy of the original lawsuit and documentation – namely, the date, writer(s), and title of articles – which support the lawsuit. Not included in this article but included in the lawsuit is the sampling of complete versions of some articles.

In developing this defamation lawsuit Ralph Jaffe had the help of 4 lawyers, one of whom I believe is the most ethical lawyer in the state of Maryland.


Copy of the lawsuit
I am filing a defamation lawsuit against the Baltimore Sun; WJZ Channel 13 TV station; and the Maryland Democratic Party for libeling my reputation as a teacher and as the leader of the movement which started in 2002 with the objective of beginning the process of getting rid of the blatant corruption in the Maryland political system and replacing it with real, true, ethical, political reform.

Detrimental actions committed by the Baltimore Sun – reporters such as Erin Cox, Michael Dresser; the editorial department such as Andrew Green who is the editorial page editor; the publisher, Triffon G. Alatzas – include the printing of misinformation about the Jaffe Movement and refusal to correct the error; deliberate omission of information about my campaign; repudiation of the legitimacy and real intent of the movement; and/or use of belittlement in any coverage it did provide. Any comments made were peppered with negative overtones. All such measures served to defame and discredit my reputation and hurt the movement’s objective. Moreover, these acts deprived Baltimore Sun readers the opportunity to become informed about the movement.

Please note the enclosure, Baltimore Sun Documentation to Support Lawsuit, which documents my claim against the Baltimore Sun writers and the editorial department. For example , the article “Jealous picks former Democratic Party chair Susan Turnbull as running mate” states that “Ben Jealous is the first of the eight Democrats seeking the nomination to announce a running mate.” However, that statement is not correct. In May 2017, I officially filed and named my lieutenant governor. Such being the case, how could Ben Jealous be the first one to announce his lieutenant governor?

Two articles make the point that “neither Jaffe or Jones have raised enough money or built a campaign infrastructure capable of a statewide campaign.” (Enclosures, “Democrats to share stage Monday in first debate of Maryland governor’s race,” May 21,2018 and “Democratic candidates for Maryland governor to debate today as campaign enters final stretch,“ June 5, 2018. However, my budget, by design, was not to exceed $495. This was the purpose of the movement – refuse to accept campaign contributions or raise millions of dollars for campaign expenditures.

With regard to WJZ the TV station’s staff such as Audra Swain, the general manager and Gail Bending, the news director continued their practice of omission of information to its viewers about the Jaffe Movement. What is more, they denied me the opportunity to participate in the TV Democratic gubernatorial debate which aired on June 5, 2018 in conjunction with the Baltimore Sun. Please see the enclosure, “Dem. Gov. Primary Debates Update: Baltimore Sun. Their decision to exclude my involvement had a ripple effect. Please note the enclosure, NEED RESPONSE: Update on NBC-4 Debate,” which conveys the fact that station NBC-4, after watching the Baltimore Sun debate, wanted to limit debate participants from all 9 campaigns to 7.

The Maryland Democratic Party, via staff such as Stephanie Potter, the executive director and Kathleen Matthews, chairman reached an agreement with the 9 Democratic candidates for governor whereby it was concluded that in any of the TV or radio debates, it would be all 9 Democratic candidates running for governor or none. If all 9 were not invited to participate, none of them would participate in the debate. Please note the enclosure, “Democratic Gubernatorial Campaigns Agree on Inclusive approach for Televised Debates.”

In the debates conducted by the Baltimore Sun and WJZ only 7 candidates were invited. The Democratic Party refused to uphold the agreement.

Numerous citizens, including my students and other interested parties, approached me with the question as to why the Baltimore Sun does not include me in their coverage of the campaign for governor. I was also asked why I did not take part in the WJZ debate.

I make reference to the enclosure of two letters to the editor printed in the Baltimore Sun. (“The press doesn’t do its job,” 10-18-17 and “Sun lacks serious coverage of candidates,” 4-17-18) These substantiate my claim that the Baltimore Sun committed a huge disservice to its readers by denying them accurate and complete information about the Jaffe Movement.

These deliberate behavior patterns by the Baltimore Sun, WJZ, and the Maryland Democratic Party discredited and caused major damage to my reputation as a teacher. Therefore, I am requesting I be paid the amount of $1 (one dollar) in monetary compensation. Of more importance to me, I am requesting an apology from these organizations for their arrogant and irresponsible actions directed toward me and the movement.

I am pleased to inform the Court that in developing this lawsuit which is now before you, I have had the assistance of four attorneys, one of whom I consider to be the most ethical attorney in the state of Maryland.

Baltimore Sun Documentation to Support Lawsuit

Information provided includes the date, writer(s), and title of articles.

May 23, 2014 Michael Dresser
Baltimore County up for grabs in governor’s race with no hometown favorite

May 28, 2014 Michael Dresser
Brown raises more than $1 million in 6 weeks

May 28, 2014 Michael Dresser
With money to spend, candidates for governor likely to launch ad blitz

June 21, 2017 Erin Cox
Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker says he’s running for Maryland governor

September 19, 2017 Erin Cox
Krishanti Vignarajah, the only woman running for Maryland governor, launches campaign

September 26, 2017 Erin Cox
Maryland Democrat with most name recognition isn’t among 7 running for governor, poll says

October 21, 2017 Erin Cox
Democrats running for governor court teachers’ endorsement with big promises

November 29, 2017 *** Erin Cox
Jealous picks former Democratic Party chair Susan Turnbull as running mate

December 8, 2017 Michael Dresser
Madaleno to accept public financing in governor’s race

February 23, 2018 Erin Cox
Candidates for Maryland governor are picking running mates. Should voters care?

April 3, 2018 Erin Cox
Democratic candidate for Maryland governor vows to avoid advertising on Sinclair stations

April 15, 2018 Erin Cox
Packed field alters tactics

April 18, 2018 Editorial
Paths to Victory

April 21, 2018 Erin Cox
Democratic candidates back legislation legalizing marijuana

April 22, 2018 Luke Broadwater
Most Democrats seeking governor’s seat will release taxes

April 24,, 2018 Michael Dresser and Pamela Wood
Hogan far ahead of all Democrats in poll

April 25, 2018 Editorial
Winning Issues

April 29, 2018 Michael Dresser
Campaign Ad Watch

May 5, 2018 Luke Broadwater
Jim Shea releases tax returns, showing he paid $4.7 M in taxes

May 11, 2018 Erin Cox
Death stuns county, upsets state politics

May 21, 2018 ***** Erin Cox
Democrats to share stage today in first debate of Md. governor’s race

May 27, 2018 Liz Bowie
Democrats for governor make pitch for education

May 27, 2018 Editorial
Red line reality

June 3, 2018 Editorial
How to help Baltimore

June 5, 2018 ***** Erin Cox
Democratic candidates for Maryland governor to debate today as campaign enters final stretch

June 5, 2018 Editorial
On the issues: education

June 6, 2018 Editorial
The Issues: Health care

June 6, 2018 Erin Cox
Democrats emphasize their differences more

June 7, 2018 Editorial
The issues: Environment

June 24, 2018 Erin Cox
Fall’s race will differ

June 25, 2018 Erin Cox
Late choices could be key

June 30, 2018 Michael Dresser
Joe Biden to lead Maryland Democrats in unity event

July 1, 2018 Erin Cox and Luke Broadwater
Jealous faces crucial task of trying to unite Democrats

July 1, 2018 Doug Donovan
Biden talks of Democratic unity

Bring On Bratton

While the series of articles in the Baltimore Sun detailing the corruption trials involving several Baltimore City police officers have been enlightening, the article, “Officer: Suiter stole money,” 2-6-18, was one that really dismayed me. Although it is obvious a small number of officers have been responsible for severely tarnishing the image of the Baltimore City Police Department, I firmly believe the overwhelming majority of the rank and file officers are heroes. Every time they put on their uniforms, they risk their lives to protect all of the citizens of Baltimore City regardless of the fact they are underpaid and under-appreciated.

The testimony coming out in the trials indicates to me that there is no one in the upper management in the Baltimore City Police Department who is capable of restoring public confidence in the integrity of the Baltimore City Police Department.

What needs to be done is to think outside the box; otherwise we will just be going around in circles. What needs to be done is to call on the Greater Baltimore Committee to persuade Mayor Pugh to agree to offer Mr. William Bratton – the most respected individual in American policing, $500,000 in the hope that he will agree to accept the position as the Police Commissioner or consultant for the Baltimore City Police Department. William Bratton has served as a highly successful police commissioner for New York City and also the city of Los Angeles . His credentials are impeccable.

As far as I am concerned, he is the only one who can clean up the mess and bring back public trust in the Baltimore City Police Department.

This action needs to be done now!

Ralph Jaffe
Teacher and Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary election