Oh what a plan!

Kudos to the Baltimore Sun editorial staff for its “ blistering” editorial, “Pugh’s commitment,” 8-20-17.
Wow! Mayor Pugh’s commitment, once she gets all her resources in place, to result in a 10 to 20 percent reduction in crime, is amazing. I would have been thrilled if she committed to a 3% reduction in crime. So her 10 to 20 percent reduction is incredible, especially with the “little bit of time” she has had to prepare the plan. Considering she won the primary in April 2016 – it is about 16 months she’s had to get her plan in order.

What is also mind-boggling is she does not mention how dismal the educational system in Baltimore City is. But because of her great organizational skills and vision, she does not need to worry about the educational system because she has a plan.

By the way, I am aware of her commitment to provide free community college education for students who graduate from high school. However, she makes the assumption that all of the city students will graduate from high school. But then again, she is a person of vision and courage.

Meanwhile, the murders and other shootings continue to occur along with the robberies, break-ins, thefts. Yet that is not a big deal because she is going to reduce crime by 10 to 20 percent.

Again, Kudos to the Baltimore Sun editorial for “almost” being in “awe” of the mayor’s principles and promises.

Ralph Jaffe
Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary election



Corruption in government

The remarks of Melissa Deckman, chairwoman of Washington College’s political science department in the article, “Vignarajah enters race for governor,” 8-10-17, are very troubling. Professor Deckman said she will have her eye on Krish Vignarajah. According to the professor, the big question is whether this largely unknown candidate for governor will be able to raise the money necessary for a viable campaign.

It sounds as if Professor Deckman teaches her students if one is not able to raise the money, then one is not qualified to be governor. On the other hand, if one is able to raise the money, then that person is a serious, highly qualified candidate. What a terrible message this professor is sending her students.

Donald Trump demonstrated the ability to “raise the money.” Look what kind of politician he has become. The Clintons – both Hilary and Bill, were able to “raise the money.” Look what kind of politicians they became. Mayor Pugh was able to “raise the money.” Look at what kind of job she is doing.

What Professor Deckman does not understand is that campaign contributions are nothing but disguised bribes. Once a person has taken money from a constituent that person has “been bought.” What’s more, the person has given up his/her moral authority.

I teach my students that we should not give any politician one penny. I teach my students that they should become participants in our political system and learn the art of advocating for their causes. The best part is this does not cost any money. It should be obvious a major difference exists between my philosophy and that of Professor Deckman.

I believe the best way to teach my students is not by words only, but by action. A feature of the JAFFE MOVEMENT consists of showing my students where the corruption is and then giving them an opportunity, on a voluntary basis, to support the principles for which I stand. Hence, I have participated in 5 previous campaigns for office, and currently, I an a candidate for governor in the 2018 Democratic primary. In all of my campaigns I have been consistent. I do not take campaign contributions because they are “disguised bribes.” While they might be legal they are “unethical.”

It is a sad commentary that money has become such a dominant force in our political system today. To equate the amount of money a candidate is able to raise with the degree of success the candidate will achieve or the seriousness of the candidacy is doing a tremendous disservice to the concept of a politician whose job is to serve – yes, actually serve – his/her constituents.
This mentality only leads to a hunger for power, fame, and glory on the part of the career politician. This mentality supersedes the more important qualities of candidates – namely, sincerity, integrity, ideas. This mentality explains why so much “corruption” has pervaded our political system today.

I would suggest to Professor Deckman and Professor Eberly that they ask their students to check my website, fedupwithcrookedpolitics.com. Heaven forbid, the students of these professors might actually learn what real, ethical reform is all about.

Ralph Jaffe
Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary election

A discouraging decision

The article, “Cole Field House renovation expanded,“ 8-9-17, is very discouraging. Why in the world is the University of Maryland spending $196 million on Cole Field House? Dr. Loh disclosed the cost has increased from the original expectation and more than two thirds of the cost has been raised through a combination of state funds and private donations. But all for what? A practice football facility that might attract better football players to the University of Maryland and a chance to engage in research on brain injuries resulting from the game. Haven’t a number of studies already been conducted which claim that playing football can lead to severe brain damage, depression, and /or permanent physical disabilities?

From a different angle, let us be mindful of the grossly overpaid football coach. If he is able to have another year of success on the field, chances are he will likely leave the University of Maryland for a better paying job.

Just think how many inner city students from Baltimore and Washington, D.C. who really want a good education could benefit from scholarships made possible with $196 million? Had Dr. Loh and his Board of Regents spent the money on real academic student scholarships, they would have earned high marks. Right now, however, their stance has reached a new low.

Is it any wonder our state is so messed up?

Ralph Jaffe
Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary election


A portrait of contrasts

There is no doubt about it. Moral bankruptcy in Maryland government is widespread throughout the state. If people have closed their eyes to this truth so far, the article, “Dozens in Balto Co. can get enhanced pensions,” 8-5-17, should be an inducement to change their minds.

The practice of “double dipping” whereby several Baltimore County officials are covered by an enhanced pension policy allowing them to earn two pensions plus a lump sum payout if they retire from one job and take another county position brings home the point. It is no surprise that one who benefits the most from this practice is Baltimore County Executive, Kevin Kamenetz who stands to accrue a huge sum of money.

In analyzing the speculation of the astute political reporters of the Baltimore Sun, such as Erin Cox, Michael Dresser, John Fritze, concerning the potential candidates for governor in the 2018 election, I – the only filed candidate from the 2 major political parties in Maryland, believe that Kevin Kamenetz will be my major opponent. I welcome this idea because Mr. Kamenetz and I are as different as day and night in how we operate.

Throughout Mr. Kamenetz’s occupation as a career politician, he has thrived on taking campaign contributions (what I call legal bribes, whereas I do not. Mr. Kamenetz has not always been known to tell the truth all of the time, whereas I do. He has had no problem with sweetheart deals (remember the article, “Baltimore County officials’ sweetheart deal,” December 18, 2011), but I would have a problem with that. If he chooses to run for governor, his ripping off constituents would expand from Baltimore County to the entire state of Maryland. I would not do that – I would serve one term only. What’s more, how much more would he add to his double-dipping amount of money. As for myself, if elected, I would serve free. The salary I earn would be put in a trust program to distribute to the needy of our state.

This portrait of contrasts between Mr. Kamenetz and myself raises the following question. Do you want an ethical governor or a shrewd, manipulative career politician to serve you?

Ralph Jaffe
Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary election

A wishy-washy point of view

The editorial, “Can football be safe? 7-31-17 comes across as wishy- washy, actually sounding like a typical career politician. The editors really weren’t courageous enough to say just how dangerous the sport of football is.

To win the game, one team needs to score more points than the other team. To pull off this victory, football coaches – be they high school, college, or professional – teach their players to hit the player with the ball as hard as they can causing a fumble and a turnover. Any coach who denies this strategy is evading the truth. The team with the most turnover recoveries is most likely to win the game.

This football line of attack sheds light on the reason why many football players, upon their retirement, become physically and psychologically impaired. Scoring a victory might bring momentary joy to the fans of the winning team, but at what price to the players. For the players who feel the vicious blows during the course of the game, long term sorrows (such as concussions-brain damage, depression, knee and back injuries, etc.) could be the long term price they pay – all in the name of the game.

What I am saying may not be popular with Ravens’ fans, but football is “legalized brutality” and should be abolished.

Ralph Jaffe
Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary


Little comfort for citizens

Readers have little if any comfort after reading in the Baltimore Sun, “ Davis recasts police units,” 7 – 27-17 and “It’s not working,” 7-30-17.

Until the mayor and the governor will take the bold step of calling out the National Guard for a 3 week period to extinguish the urban fire of violence which continues to burn in many parts of Baltimore City, citizens are going to suffer. Until the mayor and the CEO of the Baltimore City Public School System admit that the city school system as it stands now is a disaster, schools will continue to be in dire straits. My tutor mentor program is an answer to getting the schools back on track. Until we have leadership in government which will underscore the need for the resurrection of Judaic Christian family values, we will have reason for extreme distress.

Thus far, the recommendations and suggestions put forth by the mayor, the City Council, the police commissioner and the governor are PR strategies amounting to a waste of taxpayers’ money and time. And meanwhile, there is no let up on what is taking place – horrific acts of crime.

Ralph Jaffe
Teacher and Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary

Maryland citizens deserve better

The article, “Two avoid jail in fan attack,” 7-22-17, exemplifies just how terrible the political system in Maryland has become. Here we have 2 New York football fanatics apparently getting into a disagreement with 1 Ravens’ fan and the argument escalates to a criminal assault committed by the New York fanatics on the Ravens’ fan. The Ravens’ fan was diagnosed with serious brain damage from which he continues to suffer.

Now….how does the judge in the Baltimore City Circuit Court adjudicate this matter? The Raiders’ fans entered Alford pleas. The sentence imposed by the Circuit Court judge called for the 2 men to serve 18 months probation and escape spending even one minute in jail.

Is this justice? I don’t think so – Injustice would be a more fitting response. How have we gotten to this type of ruling? The answer is as follows. We have a morally bankrupt judicial branch of government, a morally bankrupt legislative branch, and a morally bankrupt executive branch. And, let’s not forget we have a morally bankrupt and incompetent state’s attorney for Baltimore City. Until we get ethical politicians in the state, the citizens in Maryland will not be served justly.

Ralph Jaffe
Teacher and Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary


Hello – when are they going to wake up?

HELLO! How about some journalistic accuracy from the writers of the Baltimore Sun. Some of them include Pamela Wood (“Cummings’ wife might run for governor,” 7-19-17; “For politicians, a chance to mingle,”
7-20-17). and Michael Dresser (“Madaleno enters Democratic race for governor,” 7-17-17).
Do they know that my campaign for governor in the 2018 Democratic primary has been operational for over one year now?

HELLO! Do they know that I am the first candidate who has actually filed in Annapolis for governor in the 2018 Democratic primary?

HELLO! Do they know that the JAFFE MOVEMENT started back in 2002 with a mission of bringing to the forefront the issue of corruption in government and replacing it with real ETHICAL REFORM?

HELLO! Do they understand that my campaign is not the typical kind associated with career politicians because I uphold a set of principles for being in office – principles designed to serve the needs of the people rather than the needs of the politicos and/or wannabe politicians?

HELLO! Are they really interested in giving their readers the truth or do they just not care?

Ralph Jaffe
Teacher and Democratic candidate for governor in the 2018 primary election